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Host Papa Review

Before going ahead with the review, I decided to post their banner along with the different country links here, as Host Papa, although a Canadian Company, operates in a couple of different locals.

Host Papa Hosting

HostPapa.ca operates in Canada, HostPapa.co.uk in United Kingdom, HostPapa.eu covers 14 countries in Europe [French Guiana, Iceland, France, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, French Polynesia, Portugal, Sweden, French Southern Territories, Ireland], and HostPapa.com, which covers the US and the rest of the world … well 231 other countries.

Host Papa is one of my favourites, primarily because it is the first web host company I began with a while back … yeah I guess I’m a little sentimental. To be honest, I was not entirely happy with Host Papa at the beginning … that was a few years back. They had a few too many down times which caused me a few frustrations, but they have gotten their things together extremely nicely and I have been completely satisfied with them ever since. On top of that, their customer service has always been extremely helpful and quick.

If you are Canadian, and I am, and you want to keep things local, Host Papa is a Canadian Company based out of Toronto. Like Host Gator, they also provide us with cPanel administration back-end which makes things great.

If you are not familiar with what Cpanel is, I’ve put together a page with a summary of what cPanel does. Lets just say that you do not want to waste your time with a hosting company that does not provide you with cPanel for administrative purposes.

I put Host Papa on top of my list, but slightly behind Host Gator. The main reason for this is pricing, although I believe that currently their prices are identical, and so saving money depends largely on the type of promotion you can get when you first sign up with them.


UPDATE for 2012: CloudFlare, a service that increases you page load times, website uptime, and security, is now incorporated within the HostPapa hosting package for free … great new feature that I am using on this site right now.

Since HostPapa has a Canadian, US site, UK site, and European Site, the price will also be affected by the current exchange rates. Just like other companies, you’ll get a better rate on their plan if you sign up for a longer contract. Their hosting plans feature an onslaught of goodies, including cPanel, Marketing Credits, and much much more. They also support PHP and mySQL databases, and their Fantastico scripts make installation and maintenance of software such as WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and OS Commerce a breeze, so you don’t have to know anything about mySQL or PHP to have these up and running within minutes.

Like Host Gator, Host Papa also boasts Green Hosting, and they are “100% powered by certified green renewable energy sources”. One advantage of Host Papa over Host Gator is that Host Papa provides you with a free domain name for life … well as long as you hold an account with them , should be the wording 🙂 Regardless this helps add to their appeal. Host Gator, at the moment, charges $US 15.00/year for domain name registration.

So if you are in need of a reliable hosting company, with excellent customer service and even better hosting service, and a Canadian touch ;), I’d definitely go for Host Papa. Most of my sites are hosted by these guys and I am a very happy customer.

You can check out their site by using the banner below – note that the price shown on the banner is in Canadian Dollars.

Host Papa Hosting

Also don’t forget to check out the latest coupons or promotions these guys are offering.

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cforget85 June 26, 2014 at 3:29 pm

I use host papa with my company and the web hosting is fine but the email hosting is not very good. we constantly get sending errors and when we try to contact them the customer service isn’t great at all. So we’re now looking for someone that has a more reliable email hosting. Any suggestions?


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