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Thesis Theme for the Wordpress Platform Review Features – is it worth the cost

Thesis for WordPress

Lets talk about Thesis for WordPress. What is Thesis, you may ask? Well, it is probably one of the best themes for the WordPress platform. I wouldn’t even call it a theme really, as it is much more than that.

About Thesis — Find out more about Thesis and the DIYthemes philosophy

Before I start, let me explain why I include this review on this site, as it really has not much to do with hosting. Well you’re right, but here’s my little piece of mind. Many people out there, new or not so new, are looking for good hosts for their new websites. There are also many people out there using WordPress as the backbone on which to build their new websites, either for themselves or for their clientele. If you never built a website with WordPress, I strongly recommend you give it a go as it is a developer’s dream. You can read more on WordPress in my previous article here. Regardless, if you want to work with WordPress, you should get a host that supports easy installation and maintenance of databases and scripts such as the WordPress installation. HostGator and HostPapa have this covered with the use of the cPanel and Fantastico, and so WordPress installation, maintenance, and upgrading of your WordPress website, including all the plugins, becomes a matter of just a few clicks of a button.

When I began using WordPress , I tried several of their pretty cool templates, which the majority of are for free through the WordPress website. These templates or “themes” as they are called are OK, but really most are just some cheap hacks of the original classic theme you get with the WordPress installation. The only one that I would really recommend, and I believe to be one of the most popular free themes is the Atahualpa Theme. Couple of my sites that I have built with this theme are IsoTech Spray Foams, and allthingsradon.com. Feel free to check them out. They are still not completely done and the latter is really somewhat of a work in progress as I built it just to test out Atahualpa features and other features of WordPress and its many plugins.

Click to enlarge - Thesis Design Options

So we get to the Thesis theme. First off it is not free, and so the question arises, is it really worth it?

There are a lot of things on line these days that really you do not want to pay for. I do tons of research before I invest my hard earn cash into anything, and let me tell you this was money well spent. As I build websites, I ended up purchasing the Developers Version, and I do not regret that decision.

There are many built in features that are include with Thesis, that you would otherwise need to install as separate plugins with many other free themes. Thesis is well organized, and much easier to work with than any other theme package I’ve tried. It is very SEO(search engine optimization) friendly and most importantly is the fact that to change anything you are really only working with 2 files instead of trying to sort through the numerous style sheets and php files like many other themes require you to do. Atahualpa theme, for example, is great for a free theme, it has many options to tinker with and build your site to your needs and wants, but it is terrible when you need to create some custom work on the site , and end up spending two or three days looking for things that should be in one place or another but aren’t.

Thesis comes out of the box with a very clean and neat look to it, so you really don’t have to do much customization to get your site out there and have it look pretty. The site you are on right now is made with Thesis and honestly to get it up and running took me about 10 minutes … the design as you see it now took a bit longer, ofcourse, but all this is a result of simple CSS tinkering which, even if you’re a beginner, is not difficult at all, and there are tons of online resources to help you out with pretty much anything incase you get stuck.

Thesis comes with many built in features like the Multimedia Box(great for displaying rotating banners or videos, like the one you see in the upper right corner), a customizable navigation menu, which includes drag and drop sorting and easy to include categories, adding google code for tracking or ads, very easy layout setup for 1,2, or 3 column look, and many more. Thesis integrates beautifully with the NextGen gallery, so if you want to set up a site with tons of pictures and galleries, it’s a relatively easy thing to do.  One of my sites The Artworld, is built on the WordPress backbone with Thesis and the NextGen Gallery. What also differentiates Thesis from other free themes is how it is built. It is future proof from WordPress, and Thesis upgrades, so you don’t have to worry about losing all your work, like you would with pretty much every other theme I’ve tried, whenever there’s a new upgrade.

What you also get with Thesis is access to a large Thesis community and a support forum to help you on your way, and free future upgrades. There are several purchase options , one being a Personal License that goes for $87.00 and a Developers License that goes for $164.00 (these prices might change in the future). Regardless, if you plan on developing more than one site for yourself go for the developers license, I have and I am not regretting it. If you account for just the time you save with Thesis, it basically pays for itself : )

So check out Thesis for yourself, their site includes more detailed information on the features and support you’ll be getting with the purchase, as well as what your purchase options include.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

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