Just a little shout out to whoever is reading this. I suppose you’re looking for some extra opinion on a good web host to use for your site. There are tons of host review websites out there. Not too sure about them, but on my site I only include the web hosting companies or domain name registrars that I actually have used myself or that my clients use and whose services I have dealt with personally.

At Best Hosting Reviews and Coupons, I try to, without bias, give my personal opinion about a few of the web hosting companies and domain name registrars I’ve had the fortune and sometimes misfortune to work with. As a personal service to not only someone like you, but also to myself, I also set up pages with coupons for several of my reviewed hosting companies and domain name registrars.

I have just began work on this site, which is somewhat of an experiment of mine and on which I really have time to work on only after my real job, so all the content and look will be updated periodically!!!

Just so you know I do post ads on this site, meaning if you decide to get a host or domain name through one of my banners I will make some commission on it … which would be nice 😉  but either way, I sincerely hope that my reviews and coupons do help you out in one way or another. Good Luck.

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