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HostGator: What Makes Them a Good Option?

HostGator: What Makes Them a Good Option?

by miso on April 17, 2012

HostGator is one of the most popular of all the web hosting companies, there are several reasons for this. Everybody has their own reasons for choosing a particular hosting company but given how many have chosen to go with HostGator it is clear they are one of the better options. So what is it that makes them such a good choice for hosting your website?

The main reason that you should consider using HostGator for your websites is that they are very reliable. In addition they offer customer support that is second to none. The result is that your site will be up and running for the maximum amount of time possible. This is an important consideration if you are building a website for your business, any time that your site is down it is not earning money. Certainly HostGator are amongst the best in the business when it comes to reliability but it is far from the only reason that you should think about using them.

The other big reason that HostGator is better than the other options when it comes to web hosting is all of the freebies that are included. They offer a lot of features at no extra cost that other companies would charge you for, assuming that they offer them at all. The most important ones are things like sub-domains and site builder software. Most other web hosting companies will offer these for free but they will not be nearly as good as the ones that are offered by HostGator. In addition HostGator offer a whole range of features that would cost you a fortune with another company.

One of the features that HostGator offers for free that most other companies don’t offer at all is search engine optimization tools. These will help to get your site to rank better in the search results so that you will get more visitors. These tools are designed to help you to analyze your site to make sure that it is optimized properly and to help you to find areas where improvements can be made.

Another useful feature that is included for free with HostGator is application hosting, this allows you to use existing applications to build your site very quickly. There are a few other hosts that offer this as well but none of them come close to offering as many applications that you can use. In addition HostGator is by far the easiest to use when it comes to application hosting, even somebody who has never built a site before will find them easy to use.

HostGator are one of the best known web hosts in the business. The question is are they the best? You should read our HostGator Review to find out.

Author: Drew Graham
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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