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Why Hostgator Needs a Simplified Domain Registration System

Why Hostgator Needs a Simplified Domain Registration System

by miso on October 25, 2011

Hostgator web hosting is an example of a great web hosting company that has been able to ride a wave of positive public opinion in making a successful web hosting venture.

Many people have one sore point with what is otherwise a superior web hosting service, and that is Hostgator’s current domain registration system, which offers domains at a pricey $15 per domain. However, the biggest flaw is not price, but the lack of coherently meshing the process into their user console, instead almost hiding the services.

Peculiar indeed. It seems almost certain that were Hostgator to add easier setup within their console, that among the the tens of thousands of users many would opt to use it for convenience’s sake alone, and due to the trust and friendly disposition many webmasters have towards their company today.

This is a situation that Hostgator should certainly take advantage of. Perhaps even an offer could be made to a larger, trustworthy domain registrar to resell their services to their clientele. Streamlining this process could be a great addition to their current offerings, and in the end a boon to their bottom line.

What could go wrong? Well, if you were to resell domain registrar services, and the support for that domain registration process is poor, it could reflect badly upon the Hostgator name. So, they should consider only a trustworthy and reliable service were they to use a reseller, or some complaints could emerge from it that lead to negative publicity, which Hostgator has managed to avoid quite well so far.

It is hard to say whether or not Hostgator is currently using a reseller that they trust. As it seems they have hidden their domain registration process under the “services” area, which is really quite hard to find, as it is at the bottom of the page, and one might not associate the word “services” with domain registration, considering the company makes no mention of their domain registration services on the front page.

This seems odd, if not outright suspicious, almost as if Hostgator does not want to promote the very service it is offering! If that is the case, they should renegotiate with a reseller service that Hostgator would feel comfortable offering their registration services to it’s customers more prominently.

By including domain registration somewhere on the front page, and again in the console with a streamlined process from adding registration into monthly billing or an instant charge, either way Hostgator could provide a valuable service to it’s customers and in turn, add an important new, consistent revenue stream.

Jonathan Baldwin runs a web hosting comparison website, where you can find this article, Hostgator Domain Registration System [http://www.webhostverdict.com/webhosting/hostgator-simplified-domain-registration-system], and a Hostgator review [http://www.webhostverdict.com/hostgator] and reviews of other cheap web hosting services.

Author: Jonathan Baldwin
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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