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Hostgator Review – An Honest Review From A Very Satisfied User

Hostgator Review – An Honest Review From A Very Satisfied User

by miso on July 19, 2011

I’m certain you have noticed many internet marketers promoting Hostgator as their web host of choice. Certainly, they receive a commission every time they recommend people to the Hostgator service although that’s not the main reason why they, and I, recommend them so highly. In fact, it isn’t a recurring payment – we merely receive a one time payment for referrals. Sure, that is great although do you really think that so many of us would be using Hostgator for our personal web sites if there weren’t more to it than that?

I wouldn’t lie and tell you that I dislike the bonus I receive for referrals simply because hey, a little extra money never hurts. Although the primary reason many of us are using Hostgator is due to the fact that the service that we get performs so well, particularly if you are an online marketer. The simple truth is, Hostgator is tailor-made for internet marketers as it offers everything we need to get our web sites up, launched and earning profits rapidly. I’m likely to share with you the primary reasons that I use Hostgator to host my own, personal web sites and then you will see what I am referring to.

Hostgator plans start off at only $4.95 per month (36 months at a time) although that’s for what they do call the “Hatchling” plan. Since this package only permits a single domain, you’ll discover internet marketers are not likely to use that one. The next package up, called the “Baby” plan, is the one which I, and a lot of other marketers, are using.

The “Baby” plan is as little as $7.95 per month when you purchase 36 months or only $9.95 per month if you pay as you go. Using this package, you receive:

Unlimited domains
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts

Now, just as a note, there actually isn’t any such thing as unlimited space or bandwidth. Virtually all the web hosting providers will claim it is unlimited although if you start using too many resources, they will let you know that it is time to upgrade to one of their higher end plans. Nevertheless, for most of us, this package will probably be all you need for years. You may easily have 50-100 web sites on the “Baby” package for that one low price.

One of the best things about Hostgator is the fact that you’ve so many options available, both in packages and in payment methods. Many website hosts are beginning to make you pay annually, which is often a rather substantial amount to somebody only just starting their web empire. Hostgator allows you the option of paying month-to-month to purchasing as long as 3 years of service at a time. Additionally, they accept PayPal, which a number of other website hosts will not, so it is simple to order and pay once you have a subscription established – no having to remember to pay the bill each month.

Hostgator offers cPanel as the control panel for your hosting account. I enjoy cPanel because it makes everything a whole lot simpler. Particularly if you are either new to the online marketing arena or simply aren’t very tech savvy, cPanel is very easy to use. You be able to upload your files through cPanel, eliminating the requirement to deal with FTP clients or additional software. It is not only the ease of using cPanel, either – it also offers you access to simple one-click installation of a various programs through Fantastico. In just a few seconds, you be able to install a brand-new WordPress blog, add a shopping cart to your website or even develop a forum.

Additionally, If your business plan includes purchasing existing websites to either further develop or flip, they have a service in which they will import and set up your HTML or WordPress site free of charge as long as you provide them with a backup of the site. It is a simple process and is completed by simply contacting an agent via the live chat to open a ticket and then ftp’ing the zipped backup file to your site.

Need a regular static HTML site rather than a blog? That’s not a problem, either. Hostgator offers you a no cost SiteBuilder with WYSIWYG or SiteStudio Website Building Tools once you learn some HTML. They have got 4,500 no cost templates to select from so it is not tough to choose the ideal look for your brand-new site without having to pay a designer, at least to get you started.

Hostgator has more than 7,000 servers in their control. That’s how they do can provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, superior to virtually any other hosting provider in the business. I can attest that it is an extreme rarity that my web sites go down and on the very few occasions it has occurred, it was very brief after which they were right back up.

With regards to support, Hostgator is definitely tops in that area, too. They do have tech support representatives available around the clock, every day. They are reachable via e-mail if it is not an immediate concern, or telephone, however the real advantage is their live chat. I have seldom needed to be using their tech support, due to the ease of using cPanel, although the several occasions I did, the tech support on live chat resolved the issue in a matter of minutes.

Well, you now understand the reason why so many internet marketers refer Hostgator to you as a hosting solution. Low prices, simple payment methods, cPanel and excellent customer service / tech support – what more could you ask for?

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Author: Brad Rreef
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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