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Fulfilling Your Dreams With Very Little Cash

Fulfilling Your Dreams With Very Little Cash

by miso on April 21, 2011

You can fulfill you dream as an internet marketer for little capital! Many people think that it requires a great deal of cash outlay but it does not have to be that way. There are other ways and I am going to show you how. Remember that with all good things you are going to have to work hard. After time things will run smoothly and your business will require less of your time while the profits will still roll in. So let’s get started.

You will first need a domain name and hosting. You will be setting up your website along with your domain name and hosting features. Many include pay pal as well. Check each ones features before purchasing.

The Top 10 List of Web Hosting by Hosting Review as of July 2008:

Name – Price
1. StartLogic $4.95
2. HostMonster $4.95
3. FastDomain $3.95
4. Dot5 Hosting $3.95
5. HostPapa $5.45
6. BlueHost $6.95
7. Yahoo Hosting $8.96
8. I X Web Hosting $4.95
9. Go Daddy $5.94
10. FatCow $4.93

(If you are new to web design and not familiar with HTML and web page building, I would recommend Go Daddy. Their system is simple for creating websites.)

Each Hosting Company will charge you a nominal fee for you domain name. This charge will depend upon the type that you choose. For instance an .org or.com may cost you less than an .tv or similar type.

Choose your domain name wisely as this reflects upon your company. It should donate what type of business that you are in. The name should also be easy to remember. Do not use your own name. Take your domain name and coordinate it to your email address. Almost every hosting company provides email along with other benefits.

Products or Services

If you are selling a service of your own then the process is simple. You already have your selling feature.

Maybe you have your own products such as crafts, software, clothing, furniture, art work, or other wares. Some people have purchased items in bulk previously or may wish to from marketplaces where they procure them for very little outlay. Therefore you already have your products. These are options.

There is another option.

Wholesale products

Wholesaling is reselling merchandise to consumers. You purchase from the wholesaler. Some transactions are in bulk but most, you will find, sell by the item, depending upon the wholesaler. Check with the wholesaler. Many also have affiliate programs as well.

Wholesale Drop shippers are companies or people that sell items to you. You take these products as your wares (in theory) and sell them. You determine your price by your profit margin. On your website list the products with details and pictures. The sale takes place on your site. This means you collect the money and the transaction details. The information is collected and sent to the drop shipper for the delivery to be made. You are billed afterword.

Your profit is what you charged for the product and what the wholesaler charges you.

There are a limitless number of items that you can sell. The top categories are:

Body Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry
Pet Supplies
Plus Size
Sporting Goods
Urban Wear

Be careful and pick top wholesalers, whoever they are. Make sure that the business is not a middleman who is charging for their service as this would leave you with very little profit margin.

This will get you started to fulfilling your dream because you can do it!


Sandi Baker



Sandi Baker

See our website for courses and low cost website products.

Author: Sandi Baker
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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